Your thoughts on NHS Test and Trace

This report captures your thoughts, views and experiences of how the NHS Test and Trace system is working in Sutton.

We received a variety of anecdotal feedback that people were concerned about the effectiveness of the system, especially toward the end of 2020. 

As the organisation charged with ensuring that the residents of the London Borough of Sutton have a voice in decision-making relating to health and social care, we put together a short survey to collect the views of local people concerning the NHS Test and Trace system.

In total, 113 people completed our survey between 25th November 2020 and 7th January 2021. 

Key findings

  • 90% of people advised that they knew definitely or to some extent how to organise a test.
  • Nearly 80% of respondents stated that they were not confident that the NHS Test and Trace system will effectively reduce the transmission of COVID-19.
  • 58% of people confirmed they had downloaded the NHS COVID-19 app. The most common reasons for not downloading the app was concern about the use of my personal information and use of my location.
  • 14% of people who completed the survey had received a contact notification from the NHS Test and Trace system.
  • 56 people gave ‘any other feedback’ about NHS Test and Trace. Most expressed a negative experience or view on the service.

Recommendations and actions

The NHS Test and Trace system has been set up nationally. As such the ability to influence the system locally is limited.

We will write to Sutton Council and NHS Sutton to share the report and ask for feedback.

We will also send this report to Healthwatch England and Public Health England with a view to these organisations consolidating our findings with those of other similar initiatives, with a view to improving the way the system works and learning for future similar programmes.

The responses we receive will be posted below. 

Thank you 

We would like to thank all of the local residents who completed the survey and all the organisations that promoted completion through their communication channels. 

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Your Thoughts on NHS Test & Trace

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