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Your spotlight on local services

Patient Groups (PPGs)

Patient Groups

The NHS Constitution states "no decision about us, without us"

Patients have the right to be involved in the planning, development and delivery of healthcare services. (Consulting with patients allows healthcare providers to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the services they provide.)

Patient Groups offer us all the opportunity to be 'active partners', playing an important part in having our say about the way local services are delivered. They provide patients with opportunities to challenge and influence the quality of services and ensure that what is provided best meets the needs of the patients and the local community.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) at GP practices aim to provide a partnership between patients and practice staff, enabling patients to make positive contributions to the continuous improvement of the services provided at that practice.

Over 90% of Suttons practices have some form of Patient Participation Group.

If you would like more information about joining your practice group, contact the practice, many have information on their websites.

The Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group Patient Reference Group (PRG)

The PRG is a borough wide patient group which provides a forum for dialogue between patients and the Sutton CCG. Patients, through their representatives, have the opportunity to have a meaningful and effective input into the provision, monitoring and commissioning of the healthcare services that fall under the remit of the Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG).

Membership of the group is voluntary and open to patients who are elected/ selected from individual Sutton GP Practices/PPGs.

Over 90% of Sutton's practices are represented on the PRG

The PRG work plan covers a range of issues relating to commissioned services including key concerns raised by patients, responses to consultations and patient input into future developments and policies.

Patients are kept informed, by the CCG, of their priorities, planning and commissioning.

Information about SCCG patient groups can be found on the Sutton CCG website www.suttonccg.nhs.uk/Get-Involved