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Children and Young People's Mental Health

In 2018 Healthwatch Sutton surveyed over 5000 young people aged 11-18, looking at their mental health needs. One of the key findings found that LGBT young people are four times more likely to have suicidal thoughts compared to those who identified as heterosexual. 

The report also shows that 6% of young people had experienced self-harm and a further 25% had felt lonely in the last month. A decline in wellbeing was also shown the more hours that they spent looking at a screen. 

The study is a compilation of surveys completed by secondary school students in the borough. It also found that young people’s wellbeing steadily declined between 12 and 18 years of age. 

Two fiths of students said that they had sleep problems, and analysis showed that there was a direct correlation between improved wellbeing and the more sleep young people were able to get.


Children and Young People's Mental Health Full Report

Executive Summary

Letter to Sutton CCG

Response Letter from SCCG

Letter to the London Borough of Sutton

Response Letter from London Borough of Sutton

Letter to Community Action Sutton

Letter to South West London St Georges Mental Health NHS

Response Letter from South West London St Georges Mental Health NHS